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Thank you for visiting my portfolio.


In this website, you will find artifacts that I have completed during the Instructional Design and Technology Masters Program at The University of Tampa. These artifacts reflect my knowledge about the ADDIE process, adult learning theories, program evaluation, the research process, and abilities in creating instructions using technological tools.
Navigating through the tabs, you will find information about me, my goals, my resume, and the program of study.
Under the tab Portfolio, you will find analysis based on the ADDIE model, infographic, instructions designed in Articulate, instructions uploaded to LMS.
During the course, I had the opportunity to participate in different researches. Research has a positive impact on professional practice, not only as a researcher but as an instructional designer as well. Conducting research engage in problem-based learning, data collection, and make evidence-based decisions. These are essential qualities if you are looking for learning solutions for the education and corporate fields.
Some of the works presented under the tab Research/Publications were accepted for publication in journals and presentations in Conference. 
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any of the projects presented in this portfolio.

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